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Love to Run 5K

Registration is open for the 2017 Love to Run 5K on Saturday, May 6th. We need runners, walkers, and volunteers both before and on the day of the race. You can register for the race through For more information, contact Victoria Camp, Laura Delbrugge, or Laura Hemelt.

Past results:

Pictures are posted on the Love to Run Facebook page.

Field Day

Field Day is on Wednesday April 26th (the Wednesday when we return from Spring Break!). This is an 8th grade fundraiser, and there will be pizza on sale for lunch, as well as popcorn, snow cones, and various baked goodies. We will also have tye-die t-shirts for everyone to purchase and color! Please check the lunch order forms (one is for Kindergarten and 1st grade, the other is for 2nd-8th grades) and the t-shirt form (same form for everyone) for more information. ALL FORMS ARE DUE MONDAY APRIL 10TH. Thank you in advance for your support!

CPS Centennial Celebration

The CPS community celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors who helped underwrite the centennial events and support the fundraising efforts at CPS. As a result, we have established an annual sponsorship drive. We are very grateful to those businesses, families, and individuals who have renewed their support.

Annual Report

CPS administration has released the annual report for the 2015-2016 year and the long range plan. Please refer to the following documents.


Please consider devoting an hour a week with the Lord. It's a perfect way to keep your faith alive and receive God's abundant graces and blessings. If you are interested in or have any questions about Eucharistic Adoration, please call Susan Partel, 904.669.9351. There is free, reserved parking for Adorers.

Middle School Technology Initiative

CPS is continuing with its challenging and exciting journey to expand the ways in which students learn on our campus. We have installed a wireless network on campus, with a sophisticated filtering system to protect our students. Now, we will allow middle school students to bring a personally owned device to school for the purposes of learning. The intent is that students will have access to digital textbooks, educational apps, and a new way to take notes in class. Please see the following documents for further details and a technology waiver that all families must have signed in order to begin bringing in their own device.

ParentsWeb Portal

CPS has launched our new parent communication website hosted through RenWeb. A link is in the top navigation bar on the CPS website. ParentsWeb provides academic information specific to your child, other general school information, and a direct communication channel with teachers. Please use the following directions to set up your account and start using ParentsWeb.


The CPS Twirlers have started a new season. Practices for new students will be 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. August 23, 30, and September 6. Mrs. Manfredo will bring the twirlers to the covered walk way for pick up. She will have batons that can be borrowed while students decide if they would like to join. On September 13, ALL twirlers will be together. August 30th is the last day NEW twirlers can join. Those who have decided to join permanently will need a baton and a uniform. We have raised some money recently that we are using to try to purchase some parts of our uniform that can be "checked out" for some performances like parades, and hopefully that will grow so our purchases will be at a minimum. Details about practices and performances are in the registration form. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Manfredo at


Dr. Sans is always looking for angelic student voices to join our choir for mass. Rehearsals are on Friday afternoon in the music room from 2:50-3:30 p.m.

Organization 101

Organization 101 is a short organization class that is held Monday and Friday immediately after school in Mrs. Manfredo's classroom for 15 minutes (10 after we get the routine down!) to help 6-8 grade students with backpack, locker, planner, binder, and time management skills. Our goal is to have students attend for a short time to get on track then go on their own once they have developed the skills they need to be successful. We have set activities for each day, and unless a parent emails either Mrs. Ott or Mrs. Manfredo, the student is expected to attend both days. We will have an information brochure available at the middle school parent orientation on Wednesday August 24th, and the first Organization class will be Friday August 26th, with backpack and locker organization and cleanout. If you are interested in having your student attend this class or you have any questions, please email either Mrs. Manfredo at or Mrs. Ott at Thank you and we look forward to assisting our students in becoming better organized!

St. Joseph Academy News

We Have Faith In Our Students


We feel strongly that a Catholic Education at St. Joseph Academy High School is the right choice for parents who want their children to have an educational experience that "prepares them for their future." 

At St. Joseph Academy we believe that Catholic Education is the right choice because it:

  • Is a Faith Based Environment: Our philosophy challenges students to improve the world by sharing Gospel values and living Christ's message of salvation.
  • Fosters Academic Excellence: High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring combine to foster excellence.
  • Includes Family and Community: Our school recognizes the parents and family as primary educators and joins with them to form a living community of shared visions.
  • Provides a Variety of Extra-Curricular Programs: Our school is committed to the development of the whole student. Extra-curricular activities are regarded as an important part of the total learning experience.
  • Is a Smart Investment: A Catholic School education is worth the cost. It is money wisely spent. Your child's tuition is an investment which pays lifelong tangible and intangible dividends.

Come and explore what we have to offer your young adults. Call Mr. Pat Keane, Director of Admissions at 904.824.0431, ext. 305, for further information, or visit us at


Tuition Raffle

Congratulations to Mrs. Rita George, 2016 tuition raffle winner, and Jini Robbins and her son Bryce, 2015 tuition raffle winners!

Immunizations and Physicals

Kindergarteners, new CPS students in any grade, and entering seventh graders must have a current immunization form on file in the school office for the student to be admitted to class. These forms are available from your pediatrician or the health department. It is called a DH680 and is typically printed on blue paper, but white is now also acceptable, provided it is the original from the doctor.

All new students must also have a physical, a yellow form DH3040, that is current (within 1 year) on file in the office.

Please review your form before leaving the pediatricians office to ensure they have given you the correct form. The bottom or back of the form should state the following:

Kindergarten students: "Part A code 1: Immunizations are complete K-12 (excluding 7th grade/middle school requirements)." The only time that you should have an exemption is if there is a shot that is still needed for your student, or if you have decided to choose a religious exemption. Please double check this, because every year we have incorrect forms turned in, that then need to be corrected by the doctor's office.

7th grade students: "Part A code 8: Immunizations are complete for 7th grade." Please double check your form because this is the only acceptable certificate for 7th grade.

Please call Cindy Forgie at 904.824.2861 with any questions you have regarding immunizations and physicals. Thank you for your help in ensuring we get the correct form turned in the first time.

Volunteer Tracking

All volunteer hours are now logged through Volunteer Builder. Please continue to log-in at the office to receive a badge and record your presence on campus.

Ameris Bank and Target Dividends

If you bank with Ameris Bank, ask your branch to link your account to CPS. Prosperity gives CPS dividends several times a year. Target also sends dividends to CPS yearly. So, if you shop with Target, go into the store and find out how CPS will earn money from the purchases you make with your Target credit card throughout the year. In recent years, CPS has received checks from Target in amounts greater than $800.00. Every little bit helps!

Florida KidCare

Florida KidCare is offering health insurance benefits to children under the age of 19 for less than a trip to the movies. Children have access to preventive care such as regular doctor’s visits, immunizations, dental and vision checkups. Families can apply for Florida KidCare online at or by calling 1-888-540-5437 to receive an application by mail.

Flu Updates

CPS highly suggests that if your children are experiencing flu like symptoms, to take them to their doctor, just to make sure that it is not the H1N1 virus. CPS is diligently trying to keep the student environment as germ free as possible. If your child tests positive for the H1N1, please advise the school office as this will need to be reported to the Health Department. Please remember that if your child is sick with fever, vomiting or diarrhea, the child MUST be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

In addition to the above resources, Florida has a Flu Information Line at 1-877-352-3581.


If your child has missed school due to an illness, he/she is not allowed to attend CPS afterschool activities.

If a student is sent to the office by a teacher because the child has a rash, we must ask that the student have a doctor's stating that the child is not contagious and OK to return to school. CPS has several students who have compromised immune systems and we cannot risk the health of any of our students.

The telephones in the front office are busiest first thing in the morning and at dismissal time. If you child is sick, it is not necessary to call the office, but rather make sure to send a note to the homeroom teacher when your child returns to school. If you know your child has an infectious disease such as H1N1, however, you should call the office to report it as we must call and report to the St. Johns County Health Department.




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