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Rita George

Science, STEM Lab 6-8 Grades


Rita Hudgins George attended high school at Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Florida, eventually going on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Science Education (with concentrations in Human Biology and Athletic Training) from the University of Georgia (Florida Certification: General Science 5-9).


Mrs. George now teaches junior high science at Cathedral Parish School in St. Augustine, Florida. A champion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)-based learning, she leads her students in the process of scientific inquiry through hands-on labs and the practical application of pure sciences. In her classroom, she strives to emphasize personal growth through curiosity, collaboration, and self-challenge.


Her professional interests center upon imparting a lifelong love of learning and essential organizational skills to her middle school students. She is passionate about inspiring her students to find God’s calling by challenging them to try new things, think outside of the box, and use their individual gifts to better the world. She uses projects like the Regional and State Science Fair and the school’s forthcoming STEM Certification to enable her students to engage more actively in the sciences.


Mrs. George spearheads the CPS Science Fair and the Chili Cook-Off, and is also active on the Catholic Schools Week Committee and as an organizer of the annual Epcot Field Trip.


My Favorites:

Book: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Movies: Second Hand Lyons and Hidalgo

Dessert: Coca Cola Cake and anything else chocolate

Color: eco-green

Season: Spring

Sports: Volleyball, basketball, or anything my daughters are playing

Hobbies: The Lazy G Farms (based in Swainsboro, Georgia), Jaguars football, strength training, and cooking for family and friends.

Aspirations: Gardening

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