During the 2018-19 School Year Cathedral Parish School was scheduled for an Accreditation Visit from the representatives of the Florida Catholic Conference which was postponed until the fall of 2020 due to the COVID crisis.

Cathedral Parish School underwent a process for re-accreditation known as the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  As a member of the Florida Catholic Conference, CPS is re-accredited every seven (7) years to ensure that the school is focused on our values, student performance and continuous improvement.  More than just accreditation, this was an opportunity for the entire community to reflect upon who we are and to lay out the path for our future.

The first phase of the process consisted of gathering information from parents, students, teachers, administration and other stakeholders to create a school profile.  The link to the various reports is available for you below.

The final visit of the FCC Visiting Team resulted in  Cathedral Parish School being Accredited through the year 2028!


Please contact Ms. Boice, CPS Principal, at or 904.824.2861 if you have any questions about the survey or process.