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The Cathedral Parish School uniform provider is The Sports Corner located at 2 Pacific Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084  Phone: 904.824.5818.


Below you will find the highlights of the uniform policy. The CPS uniform was updated for the 2015-2016 school year with a new logo. All logo shirts and outerwear prior to that school year are now retired. Note that the CPS logo is trademarked and only the authorized uniform vendor may reproduce the logo on clothing. Any unauthorized use of the trademark is a strict violation of Florida law.

Uniform Policy Highlights  - Complete details are in the Dress Code section of the CPS Handbook
  • All: Blue or white knit shirt with emblem, long or short sleeves. Must be tucked in at all times.

  • Girls: Grades K-4 wear regulation jumpers and grades 5-8 wear regulation uniform skirt.

  • All: Navy blue or Khaki uniform dress pants and shorts are to be worn on the waist. Black or brown belts are to be worn with pants unless a non-uniform day is given. Stylized buckles are not allowed.


Note: Hem length is to be two inches above the kneecap for shorts and skirts, and both are to be worn at the waist.

  • Boys:  Black or brown dress oxford, tie or Velcro, or Penny Loafer, in addition to a Sperry/top-sider style shoe with no embellishments or designs.

  • Girls:  Mary Janes, black dress oxford, tie or Velcro, or Penny Loafer, or Sperry/top-sider style shoe with no embellishments or designs. No Ballet shoes. All shoes must be cut below the ankle with a maximum 1" heel. All athletic, boot or skate type shoes are prohibited. Shoes must have a back and be worn as designed. All shoes must have non-marking soles.

  • Navy fleece jacket, or Gray CPS sweatshirt, may be worn in the classroom.


PE Uniform Shirts

Navy blue CPS logo gym shorts; plain navy sweatpants on cold days. Blue T-Shirts with school emblem; CPS gray sweatshirt on cold days.

The CPS PE uniform and other CPS clothing can be found at the Sports Corner located at 2 Pacific Street St. Augustine FL, 32084. Please make sure all students are wearing athletic shoes on their assigned PE days. Dressing out is a large part of the students' grade and failure to have the appropriate PE uniform can affect their PE grade.

VPK Students

Uniform Polo Shirts are available in White or Navy (short or long sleeve), as well as the blue CPS PE shirt, at the Sports Corner located at 2 Pacific St, Saint Augustine, FL 32084. They also have a CPS PE short available, although those are not required; any navy PE short will work.


Below are the links for the VPK Uniform Bottoms from French Toast. They include the following styles (available in both Navy and Khaki):


**We also have some sample sizes of the uniform bottoms in the office, if you would like to stop in to try them on.

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