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Athletes and Cheerleaders Rules of Eligibility (Academic)

These teams are members of the Catholic Grade School Conference. To be academically eligible, a student must pass a minimum of six major subjects with a 70% or above. Principals reserve the right to make a policy with stricter guidelines in the student handbook that deal with this rule. Students who receive an “F” in any subject will automatically be ineligible for at least two weeks and the student’s grades will be re-evaluated. Student grades will be evaluated mid-quarter and quarter for continued eligibility. If a student is ineligible, he/she may regain eligibility after two (2) weeks, following progress report(s) from the teacher. (Refer to the handbook for details.) If an athlete/ cheerleader is absent on game day for illness, the student will be ineligible to play on the game day. If a student receives a demerit for disrespect to an authority figure or student on the day of a game, the student may not participate in the game.

Team and Physical Participation Form


All athletes/cheerleaders are required to have a complete physical on the Diocesan form supplied by the office before they are allowed to try out for any athletic teams. This form must be signed by a Florida physician and dated after June 1 of the current school year. The parent information must be filled out completely and notarized.


You can download the necessary form from the FORMS/DOCUMENT page

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