The State requires that we have the original immunization forms DH 680 and physical forms DH 3040 on file in the school office for all new incoming students. To find what immunizations are required you may go to the Florida Department of Health for more information.
Kindergarten/New Students
If your child is entering CPS for the first time, either as a Kindergartner or an older student, we need to have an original immunization form DH 680 (Florida Certification of Immunization ) and current physical form DH 3040 (School Entry Health Exam) from your pediatrician.
Please make sure that the immunization form DH 680 is a Part A DOE Code 1: "Immunizations are complete K-12 (excluding 7th grade requirements)." This information is located at the bottom of the front of the form, or in some cases, the back of the form. Please check these carefully as sometimes offices print them out on the incorrect forms (such as a temporary medical exemption). They should not be on a medical exemption. If it is not a Part A Code 1, please call your pediatrician's office and have them print it on the correct one. If they will, they may mail it directly to the school at 259 St George St. 32084.
VPK Students
If your student is starting VPK they will most likely have a temporary medical exemption with an expiration date of when their next shot is due, which is a DH 680 along with a current physical DH 3040. We must have the most recent DH 680 (not past the expiration date given) for the student to be allowed in class.
All 7th Grade Students
All 7th grade students are required to have a DTAP booster shot. They may have gotten it early, but for 7th grade we need an original immunization form DH 680 that is a Part A DOE Code 8: "Immunizations are complete for 7th grade." Please make sure that your pediatrician's office has printed it on the correct form. These forms need to be into the school office by the first day of school in order for your student to attend class.
Student Athletes
Any student wishing to participate in a CPS sport must have a physical dated after June 1, 2017 on file in order to attend any team try out during the 2017-18 school year. A new physical dated after June 1, 2018 will be required for the 2018-19 school year.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Cindy Forgie at or 904.824.2861.