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6TH thru 8TH GRADE

From Dr. Seuss to Stone Soup to Passion Stories, drama has a place for it all!


The CPS Drama Curriculum has 4 content strands: Performance & Production, Theater History & Cultural content, Judgment & Criticism, (constructive), and Aesthetics. Embedded in these are:  Acting, Technical Theatre and the Rehearsal Process. 

In class, students are exposed to tasks and activities allowing them to think and act creatively. They develop acting skills demonstrating the elements of theatre performance.  This includes using improv, voice, movement, collaboration, and character, developing trust and rapport. Drama develops responsibility – for self and others. This responsibility extends to the safe and ethical use of materials.


Drama provides opportunities to discover a new world. It is within this world that stories are told: past, present, future, fantasy, mystery and more.  Skits, original and time proved effective are prepared and performed.  Monologues are memorized and presented.  Backstories are created for in depth character development. Costumes, props and set are designed and employed to add depth to the characters.  



This year, drama journaling will be added to the curriculum.  The journal gives students the opportunity to self-reflect and self-evaluate, and to practice assessing and evaluating others. Not only are these elements essential to the classroom, they help students build real world skills. The ability to evaluate what you do and what others do in a constructive manner is incredibly useful in every walk of life.

Grade 6:                                                                  
  • Introduction to Drama                           

  • Theatre Vocabulary                       

  • Set, Costumes, Music           

  • Stage Positions                   

  • Skits                                      

  • Improv                                  


Grade 7:    
  • Review of the basics 

  • Writing Monologues         

  • Work on set pieces        

  • Memorization         

  • Performing               

  • Working on stage               



Grade 8:
  • Review of basics

  • Memorize Monologues

  • Set Design

  • Performance  

  • Puppets

  • Stage Managing  

  All grades work on respect, collaboration, research and reflection. This year, we again join with the Knight’s of Columbus for dinner theatre.   We will keep you posted about script and date.

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