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Cathedral Parish School PTO is a organization comprised of parents, teachers and staff with the intention of facilitating parental participation in a school and our community.

Parent's involvement with CPS is among the most important efforts any parent can take on during the school year.  Having parents collectively involved with the school allows children to perform better in school.  

During the school year we have many PTO programs and Special Events.






PTO Meetings are held in Parish Hall and are commonly about 1.5 hours.  Meeting contains information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and school announcements by PTO committee and school principal.

  • Parent Social:  6PM - 6:30PM

  • Meeting: 6:30 PM - 7:30PM



To Learn more about volunteer opportunities see our PTO Volunteer Program.

There are many opportunities to you can check on Sign Up Genius for events and classroom activities.

A total of 25 hours are required within a school year.

  • Cathedral Parish Festival: (10) hours

  • School Functions:  (15) hours

    • (5) hours may be within  your parish

​​Note: A $40 charge will be assessed for any hours not performed within the school year.  The assessment charge is for each hour not performed.





Please be sure to visit our School Calendar & Search for PTO Events

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