Cathedral Parish School families are required to donate 25 volunteer hours. A minimum of 10 volunteer hours MUST be spent helping with the Cathedral Parish School Festival.


Volunteer opportunities are announced throughout the year by the school via the weekly HALO, the PTO and Signup Genius.

A record of volunteer hours for each family is maintained through RenWeb. Each family will be billed at the rate of $40.00 per hour for each hour not met.  In addition, each family is responsible for the sale and/or purchase of three (3) books of Cathedral Parish School Festival Raffle Tickets. Tickets will be handed out prior to CPS festival.

​In order to volunteer directly with children in the classroom or assist on a field trip, the Diocese of St. Augustine requires all school volunteers to complete fingerprinting, a background check, and the Protecting God's Children program workshop. A certificate of completion from the workshop must be given to Cathedral Parish School as evidence of attendance and completion.  

For more information or to commence the live scan background check please contact:  School Coordinator Contact

Mrs. Marianne Rogero

Phone:   (904) 824-2861


Please sign in at the office each time you come to volunteer. You will receive a volunteer badge. All parents are to wear a badge while on campus, whether they will be in a classroom for just a few minutes or an extended period of time. The school check in does not track your hours. Some events will use Sign Up Genius, but this will not track your volunteer hours.  For your volunteer hours to be credited, you must record them in RenWeb.


​​Recording Hours - Using RenWeb to track family volunteer hours this school year.  

Below are step by step instructions on how to input your hours.  Sign Up Genius may still be used to sign up for volunteer opportunities, but once you complete your hours they must be recorded in RenWeb.  Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours per school year.  10 of the service hours are required at the annual CPS festival.  

Tracking volunteer hours:


1.  Go to

2.  Click on LOG IN in the top right hand corner and select ParentsWeb Login

3.  Fill in the District Code: CAP-FL then enter your User Name and Password and click Login.

4.  On your portal homepage click on family information.

5.  Select the parent who completed the volunteer hours and then select the Service Hours tab.

Next click Add Service Hours

6.   Follow the following instructions:

  • Date Box: Day you completed the volunteer hours.

  • Description: In the drop down box select CPS Volunteer Hours. (For now this is the only  description available.  A CPS festival option will be added later.)

  • Hours: The total number of hours you completed. Note: Type a brief description of what you did. Examples: Fall Festival, 2nd grade centers, Homeroom Mom newsletter, Classroom party, 3rd grade field trip etc.

  • Verified By: Enter the name of the person that can verify the time you completed.  This could be the chairperson of the event, a teacher, Homeroom Mom etc.

Save: Click the save button when you are done.






















7.   To view your total hours click on Family Information and select a Parent from the list.  Then click on the Service Hours tab.

Note: that each parents’ hours are shown separately in the portal, but when we run the reports at the end of the year they will be grouped and totaled together.









If you have any questions please contact Jennifer McCully at