Legacy Sponsorship Program

A Legacy of Faith - Education & Community
104 Years of Excellence

Legacy Program Board Chairman 

Mrs. Melinda LePoureau 


Support the Living Legacy of Catholic Education!


Sponsorship Donations Will Receive

As a valued Legacy Sponsorship Donor Your Name, Family Name, Business Name or Logo will be displayed on Sponsorship Banners throughout our Campus and Annual Community Events during the course of the year.  All of our sponsors will also be recognized in our weekly school newsletter Halo distributed to CPS Families, Legacy Membership Decal, Facebook, School Website and Automated email campaigns through the course of the calendar year and receive our advertisement through our New “Legacy Program Bulletin.” 


Sponsor Banner Displays  

  • On Campus Outdoors

  • School Cafeteria – Bishop Baker Hall

  • Social & Community Events

  • Christmas Parade Banners


Web Campaign Links & Displays

  • Halo Weekly Newsletter Logos

  • Website Clickable Links to Business Websites

  • “Legacy Program Bulletin” Advertisement

  • Automated Email Campaigns


Names | Logos will appear as follows

Cathedral Parish School has established 4 Sponsorship Levels for families, friends and local community businesses. 

Sponsorship Level Details

Centennial  $5,000

  • Your name or logo will appear at the top of banners. 

  • Largest Font + Christmas Parade Tree Bulb Logo advertisement + Legacy Bulletin Honorary Spotlight opportunity.


Alumni $2,500

  • Your name or logo will appear just below the Centennial Sponsors on banners. 

  • 2nd Largest Font + Christmas Parade Light Bulb Logo Advertisement.


Founders $1,000

  • Your name or logo will appear just below the Alumni Sponsors on banners.

  • 3rd Largest Font.


Patron $500

  • Your name will appear just below the Founder Sponsors on banners. 

  • 4th Largest Font.

How will your sponsorship funds be used?

  • STEM | Technological Modernization Programs

  • Campus Historical Preservation

  • Laptops | Tablets | Printers | Smart Boards

  • Common Grounds Improvements

  • Building & Structural Improvements

  • Fund “Wish List” Campaigns

  • School Fellowship Events

  • Future Fundraisers | Online Store

Car or Business Sticker

Large Outdoor Banner

Large Outdoor Logo Banner

Centennial Level Christmas Parade

Alumni Level Christmas Parade

Large Indoor Banner

259 St George Street St. Augustine, FL  32084 

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