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Deacon Bryan Ott



Deacon Bryan Ott received a Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a Certificate in Outdoor Education from THE University of Florida.  He was ordained a deacon in 2008 and serves at St. Anastasia parish.  He also has Master's degrees in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida and Pastoral Studies from the Pontifical College Josephinum.  He has been in Catholic education since 1999 in the Diocese of St. Augustine and is the Director of the Missions Office for the diocese.  


Deacon Ott is passionate about his faith and loves children of all ages.  His personal relationship with God and daily prayer time on the beach are his anchors in life.  He has been blessed with a wonderful wife (even though she is an FSU graduate) and three wonderful children.  Being a father is one of his greatest joys in life.  He has led over three dozen mission trips around the world and believes God calls us all to share what we have, including our personal gifts, with those who have less than we do.  He is the happiest and most blessed person he knows!



Book:  The Bible!  (I also love Jeff Shaara historical fiction books)

Movie:  Braveheart

Dessert:  Key Lime Pie

Color:  (tie) Orange and Blue

Season:  Summer of course

Sports:  Football and Surfing

Hobbies:  Coaching, Skateboarding, Guitar, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Praying

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