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Donna Jean LaPorta

English Language Arts


Donna Jean LaPorta received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from St. John’s University in Staten Island, New York.  Her Master’s Degree in Literacy was received from Touro College.  She has taught almost every grade, except for Pre-K.  After teaching for almost twenty years in underprivileged schools in the New York City Department of Education, she moved to St. Augustine because of her love for the area and the opportunity of teaching at The Cathedral Parish School. 

After teaching such a wide range of students, Mrs. LaPorta has a clear view of the writing progression.  Being the sole writing teacher for several grades in the past she has streamlined goals for every class and tries to incorporate student interests in their work. Not only does she strive to create great writers, but she also hopes to create self-motivated, ambitious students. Other fields Mrs. LaPorta has run in the past are student government, student mediation centers, and school activities including fundraisers.


Book - The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Movie - The Secret Life of Bees

Color - Teal

Season - Fall

Sports - Basketball and Soccer

Hobbies - Bike riding!  She has even completed the 42 mile NYC Bike Marathon!


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