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Emily Deloach

English, Literature 6-8 Grades


Emily DeLoach received a degree in both English and Communications from Flagler College and is currently teaching Middle School English and Literature at Cathedral Parish School (Florida Certifications:  Elementary K-6 and English 6-12).  


A strong advocate for superb writing skills, fabulous grammar knowledge and dazzling vocabulary, Emily DeLoach involves her students in activities that strengthen these abilities while implementing 6+1 Traits of writing.  Her professional interests focus on researching creative ways to teach grammar skills that reach all students on their particular level and incorporate all learning styles. She has a passion for teaching Language Arts and believes that a cooperative learning environment is a key for student success!  


Her current projects include designing the school’s yearbook and editing the 8th grade student newspaper.


My Favorites:

Book: Harry Potter Series

Movie: Gone with the Wind

Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Color: Blue

Season: Spring

Sports: Football

Hobbies: Working on my house and biking with my dog!

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