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Lesa Manfredo



Lesa Manfredo received her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida, where she had previously earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. A former student of Cathedral Parish School, attending grades three through eight, Mrs. Manfredo has taught solely at the school for her entire career. She taught Kindergarten for thirteen years, Middle school Literature for twelve years, and has returned to Kindergarten. She holds State of Florida certifications in Elementary Education grades K-6, as well as a VPK Directorship. To be teaching at the elementary school she attended that so positively shaped her life, makes her feel as though she has come “full circle”.


Having taught middle school, she now feels even better able to prepare her Kindergarten students for what lies ahead. In her classroom, Mrs. Manfredo works with the students to discover who they are as a whole person, looking to find God and Christian values in the various activities they do daily. She incorporates STEM activities to inspire and encourage. By fostering a caring environment for her students, she can help them achieve a variety of goals from mastering technology to working cooperatively with others. Her students are supported and nurtured as they are taught new strategies to help them become stronger, capable, lifelong learners.


Book: Like asking who is her favorite student! She will happily discuss MANY books with you….

Movie: Moonstruck

Color: Purple

Season: Spring

Sports: Zumba! (she is a licensed instructor!)

Hobbies: Zumba, going to car shows with her husband, and playing with her two grandsons.

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