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Tommy Corrado



Tommy Corrado earned a Certificate in Electronics from Florida Community College of Jacksonville.  He worked for Lawrence Engineering for eight years specializing in security and surveillance systems.  Following his time with Lawrence Engineering, he joined the team at WW Gay where he served as Supervisor for the Fire Protection Division.  He worked at WW Gay for over 25 years before he retired and began working at Cathedral Parish School.  Tommy has an extensive background in building and construction, electrical systems, facility maintenance, and small engine repair.  If it needs fixing, Tommy enjoys tackling the challenge and there is nothing he isn’t willing to work on. 


You can find “Mr. Tommy” on campus keeping our school running smoothly.  He works hard to keep our landscaping tidy, our buildings clean, and our systems operating well.  In addition to his work at the school, Tommy spent many years as lead chaperone for mission trips and retreats at St. Anastasia Catholic Church.  He was pivotal in coordinating clean-up efforts with Project Hope and Compassion in Lizana, MS following Hurricane Katrina. 


Tommy has been married to his wife, Nan, for 33 years.  Together they have three amazing children: Kelly, Matt, and Joey. Kelly is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and lives in Orlando with her husband, Jim.  They have a newborn daughter.  Matt is an Engineer Fire Fighter with the St. Johns County Fire Department and lives in St. Augustine with his wife Jenn.  Joey is a Paramedic/ Fire Fighter with St. Johns County Fire Department and also lives in St. Augustine.  Tommy loves spending time with his children, granddaughter, God children, working around his log cabin, and raising honey bees.  He and his wife attend St. Anastasia Catholic Church.



Book: Modern Mechanic or any type of “fix it” book

Movie: Rocky

Dessert:  All of them

Color:  Black

Season: Winter

Sports:  Paintball

Hobbies:  Woodworking, sailing, riding his motorcycle

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