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Vicky Tibbitts

Kindergarten Teacher


Vicky Tibbitts earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Flagler College in Elementary Education (Florida Certification:  Elementary Education K-6).  She has taught Kindergarten at Cathedral Parish School since 2004.  Mrs. Tibbitts had a unique upbringing. She was born in New Guinea, and lived in Africa, England, and Saudi Arabia as well as travelling to all but one Continent.  Both her children attended Cathedral Parish School and attend St. Joseph’s Academy.


Mrs. Tibbitts utilizes all the different modalities, visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic in her instructions in a warm and stimulating environment.  She involves her students in a variety of STEM and STEAM lessons to incorporate team work, imagination, and problem solving.   Her professional interests focus on the Six Traits of Writing program to teach writing and the conventions of writing. She also utilizes technology in the classroom with Ipads, where students can go on educational sites during Centers.  Students get differential instruction in Reading so students can reach their full potential.  She loves when the light bulb goes off when students are beginning to read.


Mrs. Tibbitts goal is for students to have a foundation that will allow them to solve problems (critical thinking), work with others (socialization), while learning about their Faith.  Her current projects include teaching about the Continents and Oceans in her Olympic Ceremonies and preparing her students for the rigors and fun of First Grade! 


My Favorites:

Book: Polar Express

Movie: The Sound of Music

Dessert: Key lime Pie

Color: Navy blue

Season: Fall

Sports: Soccer! Is there any other sport?

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, camping and shopping

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